Saturday, December 31, 2005

Fighting Dems and primary comments

Dadahead argues that there isn't much strategic benefit to running Democrats who fought in wars. In this week's Ezra post, I disagree.

When my friend Dennis came over yesterday, he told me that according to recent scholarship, the 72 virgins promised to Islamic martyrs may actually be 72 raisins. I did some more research into Islamic paradise and came up with some pretty fun stuff.

I should have a post on 2008 primary people up on Sunday. (Update: I spent Sunday trying in vain to finish the draft of my first dissertation chapter. You'll see it next week!)


Nick Beaudrot said...

More primary chatter? Oy.

There are times I enjoy politics, and there are times I think its distance from high school gossip circles isn't particularly far.

(that's not an indictment of your primary gossip in particular, just against the whole concept.)

Neil Sinhababu said...

So, a slightly misleading spoiler:

I'm working on a JibJab theory of electability, wherein the candidate whose animated "This land is your land" characterization involves a trailer park beats the candidate who gets shown in a mansion. The 2008 primary hopefuls are analyzed through along this spectrum.