Monday, January 09, 2006

Left Behind

As you'd expect, I've never read the books, but I thought this post by a liberal evangelical Christian on the Left Behind series was really neat.

As a sidenote, in David Velleman's ethics seminar a year ago, Huck Finn's choice was discussed in detail as we talked about Nomy Arpaly's Unprincipled Virtue, and I was in the "Huck! ohhhhyeah!" faction rather than in the "Noooo! Huck is a counterexample to my theory and must be eliminated!" faction. The part of Huck that wins out isn't the part that moral decision-making usually comes from, but it can still be responsible for morally right and rational decisions.

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If you want to see a really frightening take on "Left Behind" and politics, look here: