Monday, January 09, 2006

My travels

I've been having a great time down here in DC, staying with Tony and my other Harvard friends. I got to have dinner with Ezra twice at a nice Thai restaurant, and we consumed both fiery food and fire together. (Actually, I'm the only one who ate fire, but if he ever wants to learn, I'll be happy to teach. The left's advantage on health care policy is mighty, but other skills will be needed to bring us victory.) Matters of great moment were discussed between us, at which those outside the Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy can only guess.

I'll be in Philly until the 18th, when I'll be going to Ann Arbor to hang out with the philosophy crew at the U of Michigan. Then it'll be to Cambridge MA on the 26th to go to Harvard's science fiction convention, and then back to Austin before February.

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