Sunday, December 19, 2004

Excused absence, kinda

Perhaps you were wondering why I didn't blog much between the 14th and the 19th, though you probably weren't. I was busy defending liberal sex education on a blog that belongs to two conservative friends of mine. I'm generally happy with how the discussion went.

Okay, so I was also busy playing way too much Medal of Honor. Lately I've been playing under the name "donald rumsfeld is a n00b lamer." It's an epithet that fits Rumsfeld rather well* and it's cool for a military-themed first-person shooter. (For a while I was "IraqStyle: No Armor" but I thought that might go over people's heads.)

*In team video game slang, n00b, short for newbie, has a connotation of general incompetence. "Lamers" are people who behave in lame ways, usually getting their teammates killed or preventing them from achieving goals.


Dennis said...

The whole point on liberal sex ed, for me, is really quite simple: does anybody really think that there's a power in the universe that can stand up to the manic desire of two horny teenagers? Maybe your teenagers can control themselves, but even if you think so (you're probably wrong), by the time they're teens it's probably too late to instill such virtue in them. Most reliable studies show that "conservative" sex ed doesn't prevent sex, just protected sex, so this hypothesis even has support. Not to mention that practically every historical culture was a lot hornier than we usually give them credit for, so it's not like this is new...

Brandon said...

I jumped in, but I imagine I was too late to be part of the conversation.