Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Undercover Epistemic Agents

I want to introduce you to the funniest philosophy paper I've ever read: The Real Guide to Fake Barns: A Catalogue of Gifts for your Epistemic Enemies, the first paper listed on Tamar Gendler's homepage. Getting all the jokes does require some familiarity with contemporary epistemology, however.


d locke said...

nice. thanks neil. very funny and very imformative. however, it seems to be suitable for only a very small market (of which i find myself a member): those with enough acquaintance with epistemology to already be familiar with some of these cases and why they were created, but not so well acquainted with epistemology to find in it nothing new. i think that's a pretty narrow market. it really seems like an "intro-to-contemporary analysis of knowledge" that wouldn't really be accessible to people who needed an intro.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Yeah, maybe that's right. All I've had is a half a semester of contemporary epistemology, though, and I've heard a bunch of the cases being parodied. The spy theme stays funny all the way through, in my view.

Dennis said...

Well, I thought it was awesome.