Thursday, December 09, 2004

Secret identity

Originally uploaded by ethicalwerewolf.
By the command of Super Majikthise, I bring you Neil the Werewolf. It was especially nice that the UGO Hero Machine allowed me to be holding fire and sword -- those who have seen me at parties can guess what'll happen next.


Neil Sinhababu said...

Oh, no -- don't want to get on Eomer's bad side. I can balance a broadsword in my mouth lengthwise while eating fire on top of it. (I own a 42" broadsword which I use for this purpose.)

Hilton Hightower said...

Dude, as I've pointed out on my blog, I've lived for almost a million years. In my time, I've met a lot of badass creatures. Werewolves are certainly among them. However, have you ever fought a robot? Robots are pound-for-pound the toughest SOBs in the universe, especially ones that have been created since the Napoleonic Wars. That's just my opinion, though. Once I crossed paths with a ninja robot, and he almost tore me a new one. Thankfully, it turned out, I knew his programmer so we went out and had a few drinks instead of fighting.