Sunday, December 19, 2004

Regionalism gone mad

From an article about the freakish crime in Kansas where a pregnant woman was killed and her baby stolen:

Hours before her arrest, Montgomery and her husband showed off a newborn girl at a restaurant, said Kathy Sage, owner of the Whistle Stop Cafe in Melvern, a small eastern Kansas town...

"You read about this stuff," she said. "It blows you away when it's here. This stuff is supposed to be in New York City or Los Angeles."

Is this the way that people in red states think of blue states? No wonder Kerry lost the election.

Edwards '08.


Mary said...

In all fairness, I think people in blue states often make knee-jerk assumptions about red staters as well. The assumption in this case might be that in places with smaller populations, it is much more difficult to behave in an anonymous way, so it would be a deterrent to committing a heinous crime.

Neil Sinhababu said...

I like the idea of "really fucked up murders"/murders as a crime statistic.

And is Omaha elitism really, like, a thing?