Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Letter to Specter

For what it's worth, I'm handwriting this and putting it in the mail today:

Dear Senator Specter,

Please do whatever you can to stop Samuel Alito from being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Given his past decisions and his answers this far during the hearings, it's clear that Mr. Alito won't respect individual rights. His dissent in Doe v. Groody, where he allowed police to strip-search a ten-year-old girl and her mother despite the fact that they were not referred to in the search warrant, casts doubt on his competence as a judge. In the hearings, we've already heard that he does not consider Roe v. Wade to be settled law. This positions him even further to the right than John Roberts.

I ask you to do whatever you can -- voting against him in committee, supporting a filibuster against him, or voting to defeat him on the floor of the Senate -- to keep him off the Supreme Court.

Thank you for your consideration,
--Neil Sinhababu


Brandon said...

I wish it would help, but I don't think even the Dems are very jazzed about stopping Alito. Sadly, all his nerdy deference and dodging seems to be working.

Neil Sinhababu said...

Sadly, that's how it looks to me too. And this is a fight we could've won at no cost.

Anonymous said...

I hear spector has his sphincter pierced. Phil... who shot somebody not too long ago... you know, Phil Spector... the producer. Rock n Roll High School... etc. That's Arlin's renegade little half-brother who Arlin used to lock in the closet. After a couple of months, the authorities found him living in his own waste. He had made up his own language and had a brilliance for the creative arts. Alas, I think he has received a subpeona and will be testifying tomorrow before the Senate. I hear Teddy is going to ask him what it was like to comb Joey Ramone's hair.

Nick Beaudrot said...

I'm a bit late here, but I forgot to mention that the best way to contact your elected officials is via fax. They get read faster and don't have to go through post-9/11 screening.